Saturday, December 14, 2013

A few more ...

I had forgotten that Angie already texted me several of her pictures, so here are a few more to add to the previous post.  Thanks, Ang!

Inside the Empire State Building
Susan Boyle performing on the Today Show
Today Show
Dinner at Lombardi's

Trip to the Big Apple

Here are a few pics from our trip to NYC.  We had a wonderful time!  The city is so fun during the holidays, and it was great to experience it with some of Darren's family and my brother (who was able to visit from D.C.)!  I'm realizing there are several gaps in the pictures I took and only a few people and places are represented.  There may be another post coming, therefore, once we've had the chance to share pictures ... but for now, this will give you an idea of some of the fun we had!

We arrived in NY early in the morning, and our first order of business was meeting up with Chris, who had arrived in the city the night before.  That first day we spent visiting Times Square, the NY Public Library, and the Empire State Building.  We ventured into Brooklyn that night to have pizza at Grimaldi's.  Yum!

Outside of the NY Public Library with Chris
Of all the beautiful places in NYC, the library is one of my favorites.

Skyline from Brooklyn 

Cute nieces
A stud in the subway ;)

Chris had to leave the next day, so we spent the morning walking through Central Park and exploring the UWS.  It was fun to show the group my old stomping grounds (Chris was on his mission in Brazil while I was living in NY and never had the chance to visit).

49 W. 84th St.--where I lived for most of my time in the city.
We also had the chance to see Wicked!  What a treat!

The next day, Darren and I spent part of the day on our own to celebrate our anniversary.  We ate at one of my favorite delis on the UWS, Lennys.

 We visited the temple, ...

felt right at home when we saw a piece Jackson in the city, ...

and (a real highlight for me) had dessert at Edgar's Cafe where my roommate Tai and I used to write every Friday.  Darren was such a good sport and read while I opened up my laptop and, for tradition's sake, tried punching out a few paragraphs.

We met up with the rest of the group that night for dinner and the Rockettes!  What a show!

Our last morning in NYC we were up early and made it on the Today Show.  So fun!  There was a time I dreamed of being the next Katie Couric, so "being on TV" with Matt, Al, and the gang was kind of a dream come true. ;)

My parents caught our few seconds of fame on T.V.
It was hard to leave since there was so much we still had to do, but that just makes us excited to return again someday.  Until next time, New York!
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