Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Now (Arizona!)-June 15

We are officially Gilbert residents!  We have loved our time in AZ so far.  We have received a very warm welcome from our new neighbors and ward members (who helped carry up some HEAVY boxes to our third floor apartment) and from the city itself (it has been at least 100 degrees every day we've been here).  Before we arrived in AZ, we spent a week with Darren's family in Idaho.  Here are my Happy Now 10:

1.  Kayaking--Darren and Scott (our brother-in-law) share a fondness for kayaking.  While we were in Idaho, we indulged the boys in some kayaking time.  It was fun to watch Darren having such a good time.  I must say, he looked great out there!  I even tried out the kayak and really enjoyed it, but I certainly stayed on shore when the boys hit the big rapids and waterfalls.

2.  Rafting--The girls didn't let the boys have all the fun, though.  Besides shopping and going to a pilates class, the girls joined the boys in some white water rafting.  It was SO fun!  I nearly fell out of the boat twice, but I had my trusty nieces to help anchor me in the boat. :)  Thanks, girls!

3.  Jackson Hole--After rafting, we had the opportunity to walk around the beautiful city of Jackson Hole, WY.  What a charming place!

Me and Darren's Dad, Joe

4.  Moving Champs--Darren's parents were an amazing help in our move.  They drove ALL of the contents of our apartment and my classroom in their trailer to Arizona with us.  It was a long trip and they were incredible troopers.  Thank you Joe and Alexis!!

5.  Guest Apartment--It turns out that we arrived in Arizona a couple days before the apartment complex was expecting us.  Our apartment, therefore, was not ready when we arrived Tuesday night.  I wish I could say I handled this news gracefully, but I was so disappointed.  Though it was a miscommunication on our part, the apartment complex was kind enough to let us stay for two nights free in their guest apartment that they rent out to family/friends who visit their residents.  The apartment was really nice ... hint, hint. ;)

6.  Move-In Day--I was SO excited to move in to our new apartment last Thursday.  I was touched by how many people were willing to help us carry heavy boxes in extreme heat.  I have loved finding new little places for our belongings and to see the apartment coming together.  I'll post some pictures soon!

7.  "New" Ring--Unfortunately, my ring suffered some collateral damage while loading the trailer in Utah.  Before we left Utah, we took my ring to the jeweler where we bought it who graciously offered to fix it for free.  They said they would mail it to our new address when they were done.  Darren and I will be lucky enough to join my family on a trip to Hawaii next week, and I was keeping my fingers-crossed that it would arrive before we left.  Well, today the ring arrived, but waiting for my ring before leaving for Hawaii was very reminiscent of waiting for Darren to propose almost exactly two years ago.  He proposed in Salt Lake on his way to taking me to the airport.  I'm sure glad he's coming with us this year!   

8.  Poolside Living--It has been a long time since I have lived in an area with a pool.  Darren and I spent most of the day at the pool today, and it made me feel like a kid again.  This is what summer is all about!

9.  Gilbert--Darren and I have been so impressed with the Gilbert area and how much it feels like home already.  Gilbert has every shop and restaurant we love--it almost became a joke as we drove around to sight see.  We haven't wasted any time visiting the local Farmer's Market along with some restaurants and shops.  

10.  New Pet :)--First, we fell in LOVE with this golden, but ultimately decided the timing wasn't right.  I can't tell you what this little guy did to my heart.   He was the perfect little puppy and I can't wait until the timing is right to find another pup just like this one.  He would make a perfect Atticus, don't you think?

When we return from Hawaii, however, Darren and I do plan to get a golden, but of the more aquatic variety. "Gilbert" ("Gil" for short) seems appropriate, don't you think?  :)

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