Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy Now--March 2

Here are the Happy Now for this week:

1.  Downton Finale--"I'm never watching this show again" are words that have crossed my lips more than once since I've started watching Downton Abbey.  With every new episode, however, I have always come crawling back.  There is something I love about the setting, the costumes, and (for the most part) the characters.  The seasons always go by so quickly, and I was surprised to find the season finale was upon us already last week.  As I realized this, I braced myself for some kind of tragedy.  My mind immediately went to which character(s) could possibly be killed off in this episode and how.  The fact that the finale was relatively tame and ended with two characters happily holding hands was a breath of fresh air.  It was as if Julian Fellowes was tipping his hat to us and saying, "Well, ladies and gents, I've certainly put you through the ringer as of late.  Thanks for sticking around.  I'll give you a break."  I'm sure glad he did since, let's face it, I'll be watching again next January.

2.  5th Grade Class--This past week was a busy subbing week with opportunities to be in all three schools.  This was the first week, however, in which I was asked to sub in a 5th grade class.  Subbing in the jr. high and high school (and even different elementary grades) has certainly put me outside of my comfort zone at times.  It was so nice to be back in such a familiar setting, feeling really comfortable with the curriculum, and knowing what I can expect of the students.  It brought back some wonderful memories!

3.  Classroom Poster--I saw this poster in a jr. high classroom this week.  Heaven bless this teacher.  I can certainly empathize with the sentiment. ;)

4.  Project Life--For Christmas I received a gift card to start scrapbooking with Project Life materials.    Since I didn't start blogging until several months after Darren and I were married, I wanted to find an easy way to scrapbook the beginning of our life together.  I picked out my binder and kits a few weeks ago, but this week I received some pictures I had ordered.  It has been so fun to get started!  I'm realizing how few pictures I have from when Darren and I were dating, but it has been fun to go through the pictures I do have and recall dates and times and wonderful memories.  It has also motivated me to take more pictures (and learn how to use a better quality camera) of our life together now.  Project Life makes the scrapbooking process so simple, but still allows you to be creative and journal alongside the pictures.  I'm loving it.

The journaling still needs to be done, but I've enjoyed picking out and arranging some pictures!

5.  Birthday Month--We are officially in the birthday month of both Darren and my mom (as well as a couple of close friends).  It has been fun to start getting gift ideas and planning festivities.  I'm so grateful for these wonderful people in my life!

6.  New Glasses--That's right.  After almost ten years of contact- and glasses-free eyes thanks to laser eye surgery, I began to notice some blurriness.  I recently had an appointment in Jackson where it was determined I would benefit from the occasional use of glasses.  So, I bit the bullet and am now a (somewhat) proud owner of a new pair.  I tried to find the "coolest" pair I could, but I'm still not convinced that I can pull them off in public (hence no picture).  It is certainly nice to have them, though!

7.  New Book Talk Book--It was time for my mom and I to choose a new book talk book this week.  My mom suggested the new Amy Chua book, The Triple Package.  It is a book about three traits that Chua claims has influenced the success of certain cultural groups in America.  I read an article about the book recently in the Deseret News and agreed it sounded interesting.  It should be an intriguing read!

8.  One Summer--Who else loves the feeling that comes with finishing a book and then getting to choose which book to pick up next?  This week I finished Bill Bryson's One Summer.  I was fascinated by all of the events that took place over the span of just a few months in the summer of 1927.  What an amazing time!  While I felt that Bryson's portrayal of some historical figures weren't always fair, I loved the opportunity to learn more about our country's history.

9.  Home--One of the books I was excited to start this week was Home by Julie Andrews.  Oh, my gosh, I am LOVING this book.  I decided to listen to the audiobook since Julie Andrews reads it herself.  I love her voice and the classy way in which she writes.  She writes about the significance of the word "home" and the love of nature she received from her father.  I can certainly identify with her love of English landscapes.  It makes me reflect on the feelings I want associated with the home I'm helping to create and so excited for the snow to melt and the green grass and flowing rivers to return here.

10.  November 27--I received a text from my dad yesterday that said he had a fun tidbit to share with me.  He had been going through some old journals and realized that he and my mom had discovered they were pregnant with me on November 27, 1982.  It was exactly 28 years later, on November 27, 2010 at the age of 27, that Darren and I got married.  Twenty-seven must be my lucky number.  I love little things like that!


  1. i love the 27 thing! also love that stop talking does not mean ask what day it is. haha

    oh and julie andrews reading her own book? sign me up!!

  2. My eyes have gotten worse and I'm struggling to read signs when I drive!

  3. I have worn contacts since I was 14! I recently went in for a lasik consult and they told me my pupils were so large it wouldn't really benefit me, so contacts/glasses forever I guess. I love your posts! They are so fun!


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