Sunday, January 27, 2013

Recent Happenings...

I am so excited about 2013.  I wanted to make at least one post in the month of January, and thought I would kick off this new year with a new blog design.  Here's to new beginnings!

Here is a quick recap of the holidays:

Darren and I spent the two weeks I had off in CA visiting our respective families.  It was so wonderful!   We went to the beach, watched several movies, had dinners with extended family, and drove the California coastline four times on two separate trips from southern to northern CA.  I feel so grateful to have the family and in-laws that I do, and to have been able to spend time with some of them over the holidays.  During that time, we were also able to celebrate my grandfather's 90th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Papa John!

Before leaving for CA, I did my best to bring some Christmas cheer into our apartment.  I love bringing out holiday decorations.  Here are a few shots:


Among my New Year's Resolutions is the commitment to make at least one blog post a month.  I have definitely fallen short of that recently, but am excited to better document this little life of ours.  Though it's the end of the month, we are wishing any readers out there a fulfilling and happy 2013!

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