Sunday, August 21, 2011

Goodbye Summer, Hello New School Year!

 Tonight I am on the brink of a new school year (my third as a teacher) and hence two blog posts in one day.  It might be a while before the next one.  It is always hard to say goodbye to summer, but at least tonight I feel more excitement than nerves as I anticipate teaching tomorrow.

This has been a wonderful summer--great trips, time to relax, visits with family and friends, and the opportunity to pursue some long-held goals.  Some of the best moments of the summer, however, have been in the summer evenings.  The heat begins to abate and the outdoors becomes so inviting.  Here are just a few ways Darren and I have spent the summer evenings this year:

Big Ben in London

At an Owls Baseball game (Darren's boss had extra tickets one evening early this summer)

Barbecuing with the Chaffees at our apartment in Springville (above and below)

Roommate reunion with Katie, Tessa, and Melissa at Maglebys--Love these girls!

Enjoying several summer storms and beautiful sunsets

Celebrating the engagement and approaching marriage of close friends--Congrats Whit!
As hard as it is to say goodbye to moments like these, I love the sense of fresh starts and the potential that comes with a new school year.  I met several of my new students at Back to School Night last week and I know it's going to be another great class.  My only hope is to communicate the potential I see in my students to them.  I want them to work hard and be the leaders I know they can be.  They need a guide and I hope I can be a good one for them.  Here's to the fresh bouquet of sharpened pencils sitting on my teacher's desk ready to write this year's stories! 

The Big 2-8

My first birthday as a wife was wonderful!  I have a great feeling about being 28.  The past couple of years have brought some big and exciting changes, and I can't wait to see what this year has in store for us.

It's a little embarrassing to admit, but I told Darren that in lieu of gifts I just wanted to eat out for every meal on my birthday--can you tell I enjoy a good meal and not having to do dishes?  Like the family reunion, I meant for this day to be much more well-documented in photos, but in my excitement for the day I often forgot to take those pictures.  Hopefully the following description and few pictures will do the day justice.

I woke up early on my birthday excited to start the fun day we had planned.  Darren had arranged to take the day off so that we could spend it together, and I just couldn't wait!  I came into the kitchen area that morning to get ready for breakfast and found a bouquet of pink tulips (my favorite) and gerber daisies on the table.  They were beautiful!  Darren had apparently retrieved them out of their hiding place and put them on the table early that morning.  As excited as I was for the day and being the light sleeper that I am, I'm amazed he did all that without waking me up.  For breakfast I decided that I wanted to go to Kneaders in Provo for their delicious French Toast.  I was never a french toast fan growing up, but there's something about the syrup and strawberries and creme that come with this french toast that makes it impossible to resist.

After breakfast, I decided that I wanted to open some sweet cards and gifts from family and friends.  From my parents I received a contribution to a bike of my choice (see earlier post :) and a book called Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange.  So fun!  Chris gave me an awesome new running outfit from Georgetown.  I wore it to the gym later that morning and felt so smart and sophisticated being associated with Georgetown's School of Medicine.  My in-laws gave us a generous gift so that that night's dinner could be on them.  Thank you everyone!  The gifts and cards were all so wonderful.

The Georgetown running outfit from Chris and flowers from Darren
Though I was still a little full from breakfast when lunch time came around, I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to go to an old favorite:  Darren and I ate light at Provo's Zupas Cafe.  There are a lot of fun memories with roommates and great sandwiches, soups, and salads to be found there.

Later that afternoon, we came home to find white roses (my other favorite flower) delivered to our apartment from my parents.  What a lucky girl I was to have two such beautiful flower arrangements in my apartment!

Darren then offered to take me to a movie I had been dying to see since I read the book and found out they were making it into a movie:  The Help.  I LOVED it!  I have already seen it again with some girls in my book group and loved it just as much the second time as the first.  I really appreciated Darren taking me to see it as I know it wasn't at the top of his list of movies to see, but I think he secretly really enjoyed it.  The movie is sweet, sad, and poignant with some very funny moments in between.

We went to Carrabas for dinner (yum, yum!) and grabbed a cupcake from my new favorite cupcake place, The Cocoa Bean, for dessert on the way home.  It was a fantastic day filled with fun and food (neither of us had to eat much for the next several days!).  Thanks for all the birthday wishes and your help in making it such a great day!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sonne Family Reunion

Darren and I recently returned from the annual Sonne family reunion in Carlsbad, Ca.  We had a great time visiting with family and relaxing at the beach--definitely two of my favorite things.  I wish I had taken more pictures, but here are a few cute ones.

We really missed Chris this year as he had already left for Med School.  My mom was with him for the first part of the reunion to attend Georgetown's White Coat Ceremony with him.  It sounded like an awesome event!  At the ceremony Chris received his first doctor's coat with his name and Georgetown University stitched on it.  I got this photo in a text from him after the ceremony.  I'm a mighty proud sister!

Here's Darren with Kim and Richard's cute little boy Parker.  He is joined below by Jill and Tom's girls, Sadie and Ashlyn.

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