Sunday, February 8, 2015

Happy Now--February 8

I had to chuckle a bit looking back at my last post.  So much has changed over the past few months!  I am now 25 weeks pregnant, maternity clothes are a definite necessity, my sweet tooth has returned with a vengeance, and we now know we're having two girls (I was way off)!  I am loving this stage of pregnancy and the chance I get to feel the girls move so often!  It is especially fun now that Darren can feel them, too.  The past few months have passed quickly, and I hope the next few pass just as fast.  I can't wait to meet our little ones!

Here are some highlights from the past several weeks:
In early December, Darren and I cashed in a gift card we received from Chris last Christmas to stay at  the charming "Inn on the Creek" B&B in Jackson Hole.  Jackson is such a charming place during the holidays!
After more than a year of on and off classes, I have officially sent the front of my quilt off to be quilted!  This is a picture of the quilt front a couple steps before I finished.  I can't wait to see the finished product!

On Christmas Eve a local Pinedale family held a live nativity on their farm, complete with a Mary that rode a live donkey. It was such a sweet way to spend a part of our Christmas Eve!

Darren and I were able to spend a week with my parents, Chris, and Christiane in CA after Christmas.  We loved the opportunity to get some quality family time with immediate and extended family.  One visit we made was with the Sonnes on Coronado where we got to meet Kim and Richard's new little girl, Madison.  She was absolutely darling, and Darren got some valuable Daddy-in-training time!

In January, Darren and I joined our friends Kristal and Buck Bruce with their two little boys at the Elk Refuge in Jackson.  We rode in a sled across the refuge, and I loved being able to get so close to these amazing animals!

When Kristal and Buck's youngest, Trayson, wanted to get a view out our side of sled, Darren was happy to oblige. 
Our doctor has captured some really cute shots of the girls so far, but I loved this one that showed how close together they are in there.  You can see three little feet in the picture above and, I can tell you from experience, these girls are good little kickers!

We recently received our first crib in the mail, and Darren immediately dropped what he was doing when it arrived to assemble it.  It was so exciting (and impressive!) to see Darren put this thing together.  It made everything feel so real! 

This picture was taken today on our way to church.  There are three growing girls in the Myler family right now!

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