Sunday, August 21, 2011

Goodbye Summer, Hello New School Year!

 Tonight I am on the brink of a new school year (my third as a teacher) and hence two blog posts in one day.  It might be a while before the next one.  It is always hard to say goodbye to summer, but at least tonight I feel more excitement than nerves as I anticipate teaching tomorrow.

This has been a wonderful summer--great trips, time to relax, visits with family and friends, and the opportunity to pursue some long-held goals.  Some of the best moments of the summer, however, have been in the summer evenings.  The heat begins to abate and the outdoors becomes so inviting.  Here are just a few ways Darren and I have spent the summer evenings this year:

Big Ben in London

At an Owls Baseball game (Darren's boss had extra tickets one evening early this summer)

Barbecuing with the Chaffees at our apartment in Springville (above and below)

Roommate reunion with Katie, Tessa, and Melissa at Maglebys--Love these girls!

Enjoying several summer storms and beautiful sunsets

Celebrating the engagement and approaching marriage of close friends--Congrats Whit!
As hard as it is to say goodbye to moments like these, I love the sense of fresh starts and the potential that comes with a new school year.  I met several of my new students at Back to School Night last week and I know it's going to be another great class.  My only hope is to communicate the potential I see in my students to them.  I want them to work hard and be the leaders I know they can be.  They need a guide and I hope I can be a good one for them.  Here's to the fresh bouquet of sharpened pencils sitting on my teacher's desk ready to write this year's stories! 


  1. dear kate, i love that: "fresh bouquet of sharpened pencils"...blessings to you as you bloom in your own potential and allow it to spill all over into your oh-so-lucky student's lives. love to you & darren. xok.

  2. what a lovely post. i kind of get back-to-school nostalgia this time of year. you sound like such a good teacher. can i be your student? i have forgotten lots from the 5th grade...


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