Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy Now--Feb. 23

Here are the Happy Now for this week:

1.  "Mona Lisa"--Since February is the month of love, I thought I'd start off sharing a love song that has provided many a happy moment for me this week (and all month, really)-- Brad Paisley's "Mona Lisa."  I think the whole premise of the song is just so darn cute, and the mix of sweetness and humor in the lyrics is so characteristic of Brad Paisley's songs.  My favorite lines come toward the end when he says, "I could take your hand, we could walk in the Louvre/ I could show 'em real beauty, let 'em get a load of you."  Très gentil, n'est-ce pas? If you haven't heard it yet, enjoy!

2.  Ballet West II--On Wednesday night, the Pinedale Fine Arts Council hosted a Ballet West II performance.  Darren, unfortunately, had to work late that night, so I went solo.  I ended up running into a woman from my ward, however, and got to sit with her.  It was so fun to dress up a little and spend the evening "at the ballet."  I loved seeing so many mothers and daughters in the audience.  It reminded me of dressing up and attending ballets with my mom when I was young.  I love the PFAC for bringing some great cultural events to our little town.  The dancers did a wonderful job.  It was a beautiful night!

3.  Program Shout-Out--It was fun to see our names mentioned in the Ballet West program as "friends" of the PFAC.  I have had the chance to work for the PFAC a little since moving here and look forward to future opportunities.  So glad we're friends. ;)

4.  Cookies 'n Cream Cupcakes--My food board on Pinterest is filled with delicious-looking recipes that I have never tried.  This week was a slow subbing week, so I decided to try my hand at a couple of them.  One of Darren's Home Teachees had a birthday this week, so I told him I would make cupcakes.  I chose these cookie 'n cream cupcakes from my Pinterest board and got together with Kristal to make them.  We ended up not making the filling for the cupcakes since the frosting recipe made a TON of (very sweet) frosting, and we didn't want to over do it.  It was my first time making frosting from scratch, though, which was pretty exciting.  They were very yummy!

This picture is from Pinterest since I forgot to take a picture of ours.  Recipe here
5.  No Bake Energy Bites--My second recipe for the week were these No Bake Energy Bites.  I did these on my own, so I was happy to have a few more songs to add to my Broadway playlist thanks to some great suggestions from Katie last week.  Thank you!  These were actually really easy.  I definitely recommend them!  P.S.  I love how two of the cookbooks you can see in this picture demonstrate a certain theme in my kitchen: one for "new cooks" and the other entitled "Meals Made Easy."  
Recipe here
6.  Quilting Motivation--I have had to miss several quilting classes lately due to subbing, which has put me three or four squares behind the rest of the class.  When I attended class this week a couple of the women had completely finished their quilts and came to show them.  They looked great!  Seeing the finished products definitely motivated me to keep working away on my little squares.  I can't wait to finish mine and see how it turns out!

7.  Spring Decor--Darren and I have both decided that winter here has been lovely, but we're ready for spring.  I'm afraid we still have a few months to wait for warmer weather, but that hasn't stopped me from bringing out some spring-y items for the bathroom.  Seashells, sand, and bird-themed soaps and jars make even chilly days feel a little warmer. :)

8.  Cadbury Creme Eggs--With approaching spring comes the arrival of one of my all-time favorite candies: Cadbury Creme Eggs.  Darren doesn't seem to appreciate them the way that I do, which is fine by me.  He snuck some into our grocery cart earlier this week for me and it has been a real exercise is self-control to portion them out!

9.  Activity Days--Last week I mentioned how fun it was for me to have a little guy in my primary class become more active and animated.  This week I was grateful for the opposite with my sweet girls in Activity Days.  Activity Days is scheduled for right after school on two Wednesdays each month.  Usually these 8 and 9 year old girls come bounding off the bus full of giggles and stories from their day.  They all seem like good friends and are wonderful girls, but maintaining order during activities in a non-classroom setting after a long day of school is sometimes a challenge.  This week I asked the bishop of my ward to come talk to the girls about some things related to tithing.  They sat and listened to his presentation so respectfully, I was touched (and grateful).  Love them!

10.  Backyard Moose--One of my favorite things about living in Pinedale has been the frequent sightings of wildlife.  I should say, "the frequent sightings of wildlife during daylight hours" since hitting something while I'm driving in the dark fills me with trepidation every time I'm out at night.  For some reason, the animal I get the most excited about seeing is the moose.  I had never seen one before moving here, and I think they're awesome!  They're HUGE! The amount of snow we have been getting lately has started pushing more animals down out of the hills and into town.  After church today, Darren glanced out of our window and noticed two moose lying down, cooling their heels in the snow in our backyard.  I loved it!  I have no idea why I didn't take a picture.  I will next time!

Hope you had a great week!


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