Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Now-Feb. 27

Whew!  It's been too long.  I've tried to pick out the top 10 moments from the past three weeks.  Here are my Happy Now 10:

1. Hugo 3D--Darren and I weren't initially interested in this film.  When I called my parents one night a few weeks ago, however, I caught them on their way home from seeing this movie and they raved about it.  With such a high recommendation from my parents (who insisted that we see it in 3D) and knowing that it had been nominated for Best Picture, we decided to go for it.  We were blown away!  I loved the message of each person needing to find what their unique purpose and contribution can be in life.  It was a beautiful film.

2.  Love and Logic Book--The third book that I've read this year was Sornson's Creating Classrooms Where Teachers Love to Teach based on the philosophy of Love and Logic (okay, I technically started this book in 2011, but I finished it in 2012 so I'm counting it).  It was a very insightful book with some great practical advice that I could start incorporating into my classroom immediately.  My current class has challenged me as a teacher more than any other year I've taught.  Reading this book has added some much-needed tools to my teacher tool-belt.

3.  Birthday gift planning for Darren--Darren's birthday is coming up in about a month and I have had fun planning a little birthday surprise for him. :)

4.  Great Grandmas--I have been thinking a lot about my grandmothers lately and the kind of women they were.  They were both such elegant and accomplished women.  I remember thinking how much I wanted to emulate certain traits that they had, and how much I wanted to make them proud.  I loved the way that my Grandma Sonne's house was always filled with the smell of something cooking/baking: bread, meat, cookies, etc.  It always created such a warm, homey environment in her home.  I would love to be able to create that in my home in the future.  My Grandma Hubbard (Mama Di) loved animals and I cherish the moments in which I was able to bond with her over this mutual affection for our furry friends.  She had such a gentle, warm heart.  Below are some framed photographs of my grandmothers on their wedding days that I had framed at our reception.  I feel very blessed to have had these women in my life.

5.  Writer's Workshop--One of the 5th grade teachers I work with mentioned that the Provo Library will be hosting a writer's workshop in March.  I am REALLY excited about this prospect.

6.  Visit with Shelley and Stephen--Katie and I were lucky enough to visit with Shelley while she and her family were in Park City recently.  It was the first time we had the chance to meet her darling little boy, Stephen.  I see so much of Shelley in him and know that this is the beginning of a great little life and family!

7.  Sleepless in Seattle--Darren recently took an overnight trip to Seattle to take a tour of Seattle University School of Law campus.  He had a great time overall, but he cracked me up when he called me Thursday night from Seattle.  We had picked the cheapest hotel we could find by the airport for Darren.  When he called he had just been given a new room since the lock was broken in the first room they gave him--but apparently the second one wasn't much better.  Darren was laughing as he called me and described it as the "mangiest" room he had ever seen.  Needless to say, he didn't have the deepest of sleeps, but it certainly helped to make sure he was early for his appointment the next morning.

Darren in front of Seattle University after a less than ideal sleep.  He's still looking pretty handsome, though, if I do say so myself.

8.  Valentine's Tulips--For Valentine's Day, Darren got me a bouquet of my favorite flowers.  Isn't it amazing how flowers immediately brighten a space?

9.  Hosting Book Club--I volunteered to host the February Book Club meeting at our little apartment this month.  As excited as I get about playing hostess, I also get just a little bit stressed.  This apartment has never been so clean as the two times I've hosted book club.  The hostess is also in charge of preparing a little refreshment, which also sent me into a tizzy.  For the days leading up to the meeting I had extravagant desserts planned in my head.  What did I end up making?  Brownies--which I tried to jazz up by cutting with a heart-shaped cookie cutter and sprinkling with powdered sugar.  Sheesh.  And as a side note, I'm REALLY excited about our new book club book: Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress.

10.  Lunch with G.G. Vandagriff--I first met G.G. in my BYU Hampton Court Ward in which her husband was serving as our bishop.  She is a woman who I greatly admire for several reasons, not the least of which is that she has published several books in which she shares her testimony and the life lessons she has learned.  She is currently working on a Regency for which she has asked me to be an alpha-reader (which totally made my day).  It was so great to catch up with her over lunch last Saturday!


  1. always love taking time to catch up with you here, kate... will be putting HUGO down as a must-see...thank you for all your sharing and inspiration!
    wishing you and darren much love and blessings!


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