Thursday, July 11, 2013

Family Reunions Galore!

This past month has been filled with family fun!  Darren and I have had the chance to visit both of our families and enjoyed our time with them, as always.  Here is a quick review of our visits:

Pismo Beach with the Hubbards

Our first stop was to Pismo Beach for the Hubbard family reunion with my Mom's side of the family.  I love Pismo and I have so many wonderful memories there with the Hubbard clan.  This was Darren's first time to the Kon Tiki and it had been several years since I had been able to attend (the reunions are usually in October during the school year).  I'm so glad we could both be there this year!  It was amazing to leave 110 degree weather in Gilbert and arrive in Pismo where, even in the middle of the day, we needed pants and sweaters.  It was so wonderful to see everyone.  We missed Chris who was busy studying for his medical boards at Georgetown.  So proud of you, bud!

Nick, Gabe, Tad, Catrine, Dad, Mom, Me, Darren, Elizabeth, Jim, Sue, Ron

Pocatello, ID with the Cornelisons and Mylers

We then traveled to Angie and Scott's beautiful new home in Pocatello.  After losing their home in the ID fires last summer, it was wonderful to see them settled and happy in their gorgeous new place.  We were able to watch Annalyse perform in two dance shows (she was amazing!), do arts and crafts with Natalie, test out the rope swing in the yard, help set up and inaugurate the Cornelison's new trampoline, walk around the Myler family farm, visit with an old Sonne family friend in nearby Burley, ID, and spend Father's Day with Darren's dad.  It was a wonderful, whirlwind weekend!  I hate that I didn't take more pictures, but here are a few photos (and videos!).

Myler Family Farm:

I love that they have their own road!

Darren insists it's tradition to drink out of this natural spring every time he visits the farm.  I have to admit, it's not my favorite tradition.  I was prepared to rush him to the nearest emergency room if needed.
It was on the Myler farm three years ago where one of my favorites shots of us was taken.
Rope Swing--Notice who you do NOT see attempting this swing (PSA: Please ignore the sound of my voice in these videos.  I have learned to stay as quiet as possible while filming):

P.S.  The red-roofed structure in the background at the end of this last video is a beautiful indoor riding arena.  Gosh, I love their new house!

La Jolla/Huntington with the Sonnes

We then headed back to California for a Sonne family reunion in La Jolla and the 4th of July/Chris's birthday celebration in Huntington.  We had a great time!  It is always fun to see and catch up with my Sonne relatives.  I especially love getting to watch my cousins' kids grow up.  They are all so adorable. This was my first time getting to meet Kim's newest, Hudson.  He was too cute!

Back in Huntington, we got to celebrate Chris's birthday and watch fireworks on the pier for the fourth:

4th of July
We have loved getting to see so much of our family recently and look forward to seeing more at the end of the month!  This summer is going by much too quickly!


  1. yay! you updated! love to see your smiling face, as always. Looking beautiful, Kate! fun summer!


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