Thursday, July 28, 2011

Classic Bikes

Darren and I have had fun this summer running and riding our bikes through Provo Canyon.  The canyon is beautiful this time of year and, if you get up early enough, the weather isn't too bad either.  A couple of weekends ago, Darren and I stopped at a bike shop in downtown Provo.  We have casually discussed upgrading my bike to something a little more race worthy should we ever decide to follow in my mom's footsteps and try a bike race in the future.  Our goal in going to the bike shop was to have me fitted for a bike so that we'd know what size bike I'd need.  I became seriously sidetracked, however, when Darren pointed out a charming classic bike in the corner with a basket attached to the front.  Bike riding is a hobby I have just recently gotten into, but ever since watching Anne Shirley ride her bike through downtown Avonlea I have dreamed of owning a classic bike with a basket on the front.  Everything about this bike was perfect: the shape, the basket, the color, the brown leather seat.  My mind was filled with images of living in a little town and riding this bike to the market where I would fill the basket with a baguette and fresh produce for our week's lunches.  Or, I could fill the basket with a sack lunch and writing materials and bike to a spot under a shady tree where I would waste away an afternoon eating and writing.  One day I have to get a bike like this one.  I made Darren take a picture--it is a goofy picture of me but you can still appreciate the beauty of the bike.


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