Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hello Blogging World!

Hello!  I am so excited to be starting this blog!

Let me start by explaining my blog title.  I wanted this blog to be an archive of some of my favorite things. Darren and I are creating memories as the newest Myler family, so I know that there will be many new favorite things to share as I journey through my new role as wife and beginning homemaker.  There will also be many old favorites.  When thinking about some of my favorite things outside of the obvious, three "p" words came to mind ... and who doesn't love alliteration?  Here's a quick description of why the words in my title are three of my favorites:

Pencils:  For as long as I can remember, I have loved office supply stores.  My desk at home is filled with post-its and notebooks I have yet to use but couldn't help buying while perusing such a store.  Choosing a career as a teacher has given me ample opportunities and excuses to stock up on these supplies.  One of my favorite things to buy, however, is a pencil.  Though I have nothing against mechanical pencils, which can be very handy and reliable when stocked full of lead, my preference is for the old fashioned, needs-to-be-sharpened, #2 pencil.  The image of a pencil cup on the top of my desk filled with pencils sharpened to a fine point with full, pink erasers thrills me to the bone.  Few things make me feel more academic.  Below is a picture of me on a recent trip Darren and I took to Keswick, England.  Keswick was home to the first pencil after graphite was discovered in its hills many years ago.  Stopping by the Keswick Pencil Factory and Museum was a must on our trip!

Pages:  Whether blank and full of potential or filled with someone else's story, I love pages.  They could be pages in a personal journal, published book, magazine, or newspaper.  If filled with good, wholesome, insightful writing, I love them all!  Along with this, I believe we all have the desire within us, no matter how deep, to create something.  As someone with little to no artistic talent, a pencil and a few blank pages provide an exciting avenue of creation possibilities for me.  Whether or not anything I record on this one, long, electronic page will be worth reading has yet to be known.  What I do know is that words can have an extraordinary impact and our ability to record those words on pages is truly a gift.

Petals:  My love affair with petals, and the flowers they come from, started at a very young age.  I remember my mom surprising me with a small vase of roses from our yard from time to time.  She would never present them to me herself, but would leave them secretly on my bedside table or bathroom counter.  They would immediately brighten the room and fill the area with a delicious tint of their fragrance.  Years later, I gained a true appreciation for petals (and plants and trees and shrubbery) when I first visited England.  I was moved by the relationship the British seemed to have with nature and the effort they put into preserving their beautiful parks and gardens, often incorporating a lovely variety of petals.  When I returned to England a second time for a BYU study abroad, I worked on a paper that would eventually become the foundation for my college thesis: the social role of English gardens in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Frivolous as the topic may seem, I was hooked.  When Darren sent flowers to my classroom early in our courtship so that my students could "see me smile" and later surprised me at my apartment door after driving 3 hours to see me holding a red rose, I knew he was a keeper.  When deciding what to have guests throw as we left the reception at our wedding, we left the rice behind and chose, you guessed it ... petals!


  1. Oh, I am so excited Kate:) :) :) Beautiful blog, beautiful title, beautiful writing. This will help me/us keep up on what's going on in your life! Love you lots!

  2. What a nice thing to do, Katie...and you're off to a great start! No wonder I love you so. ~Papa John


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