Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wedding Day

Favorite day?  Easy.

November 27, 2010
Newport Beach Temple ~Hyatt Huntington Beach

Thank you to family and friends for sharing these pictures with us!

I was lucky to have so many close friends and family as my bridesmaids.  Here are 6 of the 10.
From left to right: Whitney, Katie L., Katie H., Shelley, Tessa, Melissa

Handsome Groomsmen

Love the Chaffee family!

Thank you, Mom, for all you did to make this the beautiful, memorable day that it was.  I still think you have a career as a wedding coordinator should you want to try something new.

Father and Son

First Dance

Father/Daughter Dance--One of the highlights of the reception for me.

Mother/Son Dance

Good catch, Katie!


  1. Such a special perfect day, thank you for including us!! Love you

  2. Aww, such beautiful photos! You look so gorgeous and happy!! What wonderful memories!! :)

  3. such wonderful memories, dear kate...i look forward to "seeing europe" through your eyes. loved having you visit with me at "my place"! you are so very welcome...always!
    much love, -xok.

  4. once again, soooooo beautiful. sigh. wish i could have been there.


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